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Cyberpunk 2077, Diablo IV, and more can run on a Mac thanks to this new toolkit


Thanks to a new toolkit revealed during WWDC 2023, any Windows games can run on M1 and M2 Mac systems.
Apple gaming is as robust as it’s ever been but is still lacking, with many Windows-based blockbusters and recent titles still not available on macOS. But thanks to new software, that could change for the better.
During WWDC 2023, Apple revealed plans for Windows PC game emulation with its new Game Porting Toolkit, which would allow anyone with the knowledge to use a DX11/DX12 Wine-like translation layer to bring Windows games to Mac systems, according to VideoCardZ. The company responsible for this software is called CodeWeavers, and its CrossOver app is one that allows Windows apps to be emulated on macOS through the Game Porting Toolkit in the first place.
It’s important to note that right now the software isn’t perfect, as even Wine translation still has plenty of bugs to fix or optimizations to make to keep it running smoothly, so it’s not reasonable to expect a flawless port right out of the box using the Game Porting Toolkit.

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