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IRS Contractor Charged With Stealing Trump's Tax Returns


“It goes without saying that resolving these and other ongoing security issues at the IRS, as well as identifying and making whole the individuals
Have no fear, America. Your tax return information is safe and secure. IRS computers are better protected than Fort Knox. All IRS employees have impeccable morals and are honest as the day is long. It’s the IRS contractors you’ve got to worry about.
One IRS contractor, Charles Littlejohn, 38, of Washington, D.C., has been charged with stealing the IRS files of former President Donald Trump and thousands of other wealthy, prominent taxpayers. Littlejohn worked for the IRS as a contract employee from 2018 to 2020.
While employed as an IRS contractor, Littlejohn allegedly stole “tax returns and return information associated with Public Official A” and disclosed that information to a media outlet. A source told numerous news outlets that “Public Official A” is Donald Trump.

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