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Legal experts: Trump's unhinged attack on judge in court shows he "realizes he's going to lose"


Trump’s attacks threaten to “tank his ability to prevail at all in this legal proceeding”: ex-Bush official.
Former President Donald Trump on Monday lashed out at the judge overseeing his trial in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ civil fraud lawsuit in Manhattan. 
The former president referred to Judge Arthur Engoron as a “rogue judge” while speaking to reporters inside the courthouse, claiming the judge had undervalued his properties in a partial summary judgment handed down last week ruling that Trump had persistently committed fraud. “And he’s a disgrace to people that call themselves judges,” the ex-president told reporters. “And his clerk should not be allowed to be in his ear on every single question. You take a look at what’s happening with her. She hates Trump more than he does.”
Trump also slammed James, calling her lawsuit “a scam and a sham.”
“We have a racist attorney general who is a horror show!” Trump added. “She ran on the basis of she was going to get Trump before she even knew anything about me!”
Some legal experts characterized Trump’s courthouse meltdown as a sign that he knows his defense stands little chance of prevailing. 
“I think that Trump has already decided he’s going to lose on the law,” John Yoo, a Berkeley Law professor and former Justice Department official in the George W. Bush administration, told Fox News on Monday. “Last week, the judge already made all the key findings against him. So what I think President Trump has done is turn this all into a political strategy.”
“I would say it was the acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, because everything he said, whether it’s true or not, is all aimed at the political sphere,” he said.

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