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Trump Called His Pricey Civil Fraud Verdict A ’Form Of Navalny’


The former president has been repeatedly comparing himself to a Putin critic who died of mysterious causes in a Siberian penal colony.
Donald Trump waited a few days to say anything public about the mysterious death of Vladimir Putin critic Alexei Navalny. It’s a surprise he said anything at all. The former U.S. president is good pals with the current Russian president and he doesn’t like to say anything untoward about him. So what did Trump say? He compared himself to who died in a Siberian penal colony, possibly because he was murdered, possibly for the reason authorities provided, namely “sudden death syndrome.” That made little sense, so he whipped out the comparison again, this time making even less sense.
Trump on his Civil Fraud Fine: It’s a form of Navalny pic.twitter.com/0tQMea3Jci
Acyn (@Acyn) February 21, 2024
Per The Hill, Trump participated in a Fox News town hall with his close friend Laura Ingraham. When asked about Navalny, Trump called him a “brave guy” for standing up to a notorious autocrat. He even seemed to suggest that Putin had him whacked.

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