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US Flies Nuclear-Capable Bomber Amid Tensions With China


Beijing is bristling after Manila “enlisted foreign countries to stir up the South China Sea.”
The United States deployed a nuclear-capable strategic bomber on Monday to join the allied Philippine Air Force on a South China Sea patrol against the backdrop of Manila’s territorial tit-for-tat with Beijing.
Three Philippine FA-50 fighter jets accompanied the B-52 Stratofortress the Southeast Asian country’s Air Force said in a social media statement that night.
The partners share a seven-decades-old Mutual Defense Treaty that commits U.S. forces to the Philippines’ defense in the event of an attack. President Joe Biden has stressed the pact extends to the South China Sea, raising concerns of a potential broader great-power confrontation in the region.
“With this activity, the [Philippine Air Force] underscores its commitment and readiness to support the [Philippine military’s] efforts in safeguarding the national territory and sovereign rights, and upholding regional peace and security,” the statement said.

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