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FBI claims China could be set to launch attacks on US infrastructure any day


More attacks on the way, FBI chief warns
Chinese hacking group Volt Typhoon has infested systems used to manage US infrastructure and is now waiting for the opportune moment to strike, FBI Director Christopher Wray has said.
The systems affected are used to control water, energy, and telecommunications among other sectors, with previous attacks linked to Chinese hacker groups possibly being practice attacks in order to create a playbook for an attack on a larger scale.
China has already begun its campaign of election interference and voter influence, and cyber attacks could contribute to China’s overall goal of inducing panic and destabilizing the US.Chinese government claims no involvement
The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that it bears no relationship with the Volt Typhoon group, and has officially deemed it a criminal ransomware group, but evidence from threat research organizations at Microsoft and Google have found links between the group and the Chinese state.

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