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Here's Everything Ukraine Will Get If Historic Aid Bill Passes House


The $60.84 billion bill outlined includes $23.2 billion dedicated to replenishing weapons for the U.S. military.
Long-awaited legislation to help Ukraine continue its fight against Russian is set to go before U.S. lawmakers, with its priorities including Washington providing ballistic missiles and a long-term strategy support to Kyiv.
Opposition from some House Republicans has meant that the Biden administration has not sent a package of aid to Kyiv since December, and over the last four months, Russia has capitalized on dwindling Ukrainian ammunition and materiel in the 2-year-old war.
But House Speaker Mike Johnson has proposed bringing a vote on four separate bills that would address aid for Ukraine on Saturday, with the other packages addressing support for Israel, the Indo-Pacific and other national security priorities.
Michael Chernomorets, co-founder of the non-profit Rescue Now, which helps Ukrainians in the front-line and de-occupied territories, is among Kyiv’s advocates calling for further aid from Washington to be passed as soon as possible.
“Delays lead to more Russian shelling, and as a result, people are dying faster than they can receive promised assistance,” he told Newsweek. “We know that truth is on the side of civilized democratic world, not on the side of dictators, and we believe the House stays on these values firmly.”What’s in the bill?
The 49-page Ukraine Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024, released Wednesday on the House of Representatives’ website, is for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2024.

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