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Here's How This New York Judge is Ensuring Donald Trump Gets a Fair Jury in Hush Money Trial


Donald Trump’s much-awaited Hush Money trial opened on Monday, April 15, 2024. Although the former president is alleging the case is a “scam,” therefore there’s no way he would be treated fairly in New York. However, such is not the case. Judge Juan Merchan is fighting tooth and nail to choose a juror for Trump who would be fair and unbiased.  

The Republican front-runner resorted to Truth Social and ranted, “There is NO WAY I can be given a Fair (Biden) Trial on Monday with Judge Juan Merchan, who is totally conflicted and corrupt, presiding,” a day before the jury selection began, suggesting he’d be treated unfairly in the Manhattan court, per HuffPost. 
Meanwhile, Merchan has been scrupulous in the process of finding the right juror for Trump, as witnessed on Day 1 where a total of 96 jurors were brought in and asked if they found themselves too opinionated to pass a fair judgment in the Stormy Daniels trial. 

The first batch proclaimed themselves as biased towards Trump and subsequently, Merchan let them all pass without any further questioning. The rigorous process began again, which is so unlike the normal procedure where judges question the potential jurors after the first attempt.

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