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Marjorie Taylor Greene's Furious Reaction After Ukraine Aid Passes


The House passed a $60.8 billion aid bill to help Ukraine in its war against Russia.
Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, decried the House of Representatives for passing a Ukraine aid bill on Saturday.
As Ukraine continues to fight against the full-scale invasion that Russian President Vladimir Putin launched in February 2022, the United States has proven to be a strong ally to Kyiv, with the House passing a $60.8 billion aid bill on Saturday to help restock its arsenal.
After months of U.S. lawmakers urging House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, to take up legislation that would help fund Ukraine, Johnson worked to get it passed in a 311-112 vote.
There was some resistance from Republican lawmakers who opposed additional aid to the war-torn nation, with Johnson having to rely on the help of Democrats. In total, 210 Democrats and 101 Republicans voted in favor of the bill, while 112 Republicans voted against it.
Greene has been an outspoken critic on providing additional aid to Ukraine and introduced an unprivileged motion to vacate Johnson as House speaker last month for his handling of foreign funding and lack of securing the U.S.-Mexico border.
After Ukraine aid was passed in the House, Greene posted a video to X, formerly Twitter, showing her collogues in the House chamber waving Ukrainian flags.
“Mike Johnson’s House of Representatives so proud to work for Ukraine.

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