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Weird Teeth Give Away the Fakery In Microsoft's Latest AI Video Generator


AI image generators struggle with hands, but video generators are having difficulty with teeth.
Researchers at Microsoft released a paper this week about VASA-1, a new AI tool that can generate a convincing video of someone speaking, using just a still image. Microsoft doesn’t have immediate plans to release the new tool to the public, but it’s pretty impressive. Well, it’s impressive if you don’t look too closely at the teeth. Just take a gander at those chompers.
The VASA-1 model works by taking any still photo of a human face—or, in the examples published by Microsoft, an AI-generated face of someone who doesn’t actually exist—and after being fed an audio file, can produce a synchronized video that includes facial nuances and natural looking motion.
Again, it’s all quite impressive, as you can see in one of the videos Microsoft provided below. But the one area where VASA-1 seems to struggle is rendering teeth. If you focus on the teeth, they can get a cartoonish quality, appearing slightly animated in a way that doesn’t quite fit with the hyper-realistic quality of everything else.
The video’s bizarre teeth become even more apparent when you slow the entire thing down, as Gizmodo did in the GIF below. (It can almost make you feel bad picking apart someone’s appearance until you remember the person below literally doesn’t exist.

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