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Kate Middleton portrait enrages public: 'Is this a joke?'


A new portrait of Kate Middleton is sparking discourse on the Internet, with many believing the painting does not do the princess justice and looks nothing like her.
A new portrait of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, by a British Zambian artist has elicited extreme dissatisfaction. 
It comes just one week after a portrait of King Charles III was unveiled at Buckingham Palace and received mixed reviews. Catherine’s was not an official portrait, and was revealed on the cover of Tatler magazine’s July issue. It depicts the princess in a white gown adorned with a yellow brooch and blue sash. She wears an ornate tiara on her head. The inspiration behind the photograph seems to stem from several of Catherine’s previous looks.
Social media users were enraged by the final product, firing off a litany of insults in the comments section of the magazine’s Instagram.

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