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First civilian evacuation drills in Japan amid N. Korea missile tests — RT News


Japan has conducted its first-ever drills, simulating the evacuation of more than 100 people in the coastal city of Oga. The moves come amid North Korea’s recent missile tests.
More than 100 people, including 44 schoolchildren, took part in the exercises in the prefecture of Akita on Friday, aimed at fine-tuning the safe evacuation of civilians in the event of an armed attack. 
The task was to move  the residents safely to shelters — a public hall, elementary school, and other venues.
„Anything can happen these days, and it’s even more true when we cannot anticipate the behavior of our neighboring countries,“ said Osamu Saito, a security supervisor in the prefecture of Akita told Reuters.
A ballistic missile attack on Japan formed the basis of the evacuation exercises.
The emergency drill started at 9:30 a.m. local time in Kitaura district when the local authorities were alerted of a possible missile attack on Japan.
The government used a special service, called J-Alert, to convey the message. The evacuation was announced via loudspeakers, urging residents to take shelter.
“Evacuate immediately! Part of a missile is likely to land. Please evacuate indoors, ” – the announcement warned, the Asahi Shimbun reports 
„The missile is seen to have landed within a 20-km (12-mile) boundary west of the Oga peninsula.

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