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Google Assistant Standalone App to Reportedly Arrive on iOS


Google will make the announcement during I/O
Google intends to announce its plan to expand Assistant to iOS during this year’s edition of I/O, which is expected to debut in just a few days. Android Police’s source didn’ t reveal Google’s exact plans, except for the fact that Assistant will be featured in its own standalone app for iOS.
Still, the timing for such an announcement seems quite suitable, considering that Google released Assistant’s SDK to developers just last month. In addition, Google I/O would be one of the most suitable events for such an important announcement. By releasing the Assistant SDK, Google intends to encourage even more developers to build apps for the virtual assistant and integrate it in a plenitude of devices.
Fortunately, the wait won’ t be long, as Google I/O is set to start on May 17 and end on May 19 in California. In the unlikely scenario that Google won’ t announce Assistant to iOS this week, the virtual assistant will surely make its way to iPhones and iPads later this year.

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