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Steve Harvey Defends Himself Over Staff Memo Backlash


Steve Harvey has responded to the backlash regarding his controversial staff memo.
Someone with an appropriate amount of Emotional Intelligence and respectful communication skills would have been able to get their point and intent across without appearing rude, arrogant and disrespectful. He’s an example of the saying…”Money exposes more of who you really are!”
Steve, I really hope that this doesn’ t become your downfall. Hollywood has a way of black balling. I truely understand what you mean about people in general giving you time to breathe just alittle but this is what you was grinding for all these years. If you need some time to breathe, rest, or just plain chill out, then take a much needed vacation. Again, I pray to God that this does not become your downfall. Love you much.
Cowardly behavior; this should have been handled individually with those persons who continually violate his personal space.
Sounds like he’s been working for Donald Trump to long. He might becoming Steve Trump.
Good For Steve!!!!, people need to learn to be considerate!!!
I have to say it…you go Steve! I have been in similar situations (in a different industry) , and believe me, it’s not all that fun being approached from all different directions, either one after the other or all at once. Yayyyy Steve for standing up!
Prison? Then don’ t have a hundred shows where they all do the same thing. Be grateful. That litany of demands was horrible, disrespectful, rude. There is a better way to insult everyone on your staff. I won’ t be watching any more. Sad man – you were successful and then disrespected everyone on your staff who helped make you what you are today. Sit with your money and think you made it.
Not about who made him successful along his journey… it’s about common respect for privacy.

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