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AsusWrt-Merlin Rolls Out New Custom Firmware


The new update includes a large number of changes and fixes
In addition to that, the present release updates miniDLNA (1.2.0) , nano (2.8.4) , OpenSSL (1.0.2l) , IPSet ARM (6.32) , and vsFTPd (3.0.3) versions, moves SMB2 support switch to the main Samba page, and optimizes all webUI images for size.
Moving forward, Merlin has also managed to resolve UPNP, SNMP, NAT Loopback issues in Dual WAN mode, limit the number of supported OpenVPN clients to 2 on the RT-AC3200 (saves NVRAM) , and implement several changes highlighted in the Release Notes below.
If you intend to make use of these improvements, first know that the developer has provided installation files compatible with ASUS’ RT-N66, RT-AC88U, RT-AC87, RT-AC68, RT-AC66, RT-AC56, RT-AC1900, RT-AC3100, RT-AC3200, and RT-AC5300 routers.
Therefore, if supported, save the appropriate package for your device model, unzip it, establish a wired connection between the router and your computer, and go to Advanced Settings > Administration > Firmware Upgrade.
Afterward, near the “New Firmware File” section, hit “Choose File” button, navigate and select the .trx file, click “Upload, ” and wait patiently as the upgrade is performed. Also, to avoid any problems and malfunctions, make sure not to interrupt this process in any way.

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