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27 Sexy Stars In Red, White & Blue Swimsuits: Kim Kardashian & More


In honor of Memorial Day Weekend, look back at stars who’ve rocked sexy red, white and/or blue bathing suits in the past!
It’s officially white pants and swimsuit season! Memorial Day 2018 is here, and to celebrate the upcoming months of sun, fun and bikinis, while also honoring the patriotic holiday, we’re looking back at stars who’ve rocked red, white and/or blue bikinis to perfection. The Kardashian and Jenner sisters love posting bikini and bathing suit shots on social media, so naturally they make the list quite a few times. From Kylie Jenner’s Baywatch- inspired one-piece, which she wore during a 2017 vacation, to Kim Kardashian’s white thong bikini and a full-on American Flag-printed swimsuit rocked by Kendall Jenner, these sisters are basically the stars of the gallery above!
There’s plenty more where they came from, though! Miley Cyrus loves to so off her eccentric sense of style, so naturally, she’s worn an all-out American Flag bikini in the past…and accessorized it to perfection. Meanwhile, like Kylie, several stars have gone all-red in sexy one piece bathing suits, like Hailey Baldwin. Red bikinis are also a hot commodity for many stars — Irina Shayk, Rihanna, Lea Michele and more have all been seen in that look!
Even if this Memorial Day weekend didn’t get you into full-on summer mode, seeing these ladies in their skimpy swimwear most definitely will! Click through the gallery above to check out more star, from Selena Gomez to Bella Hadid and plenty more, in their red, white and blue bathing suits!

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