Google Maps has added a new feature that helps you find a Lime bike or scooter in just a few taps. It also lets you know the estimated cost of your trip, and approximate time of arrival. The feature currently works in 11 U. S. cities served by Lime, with more coming next year.
Google Maps has teamed up with Lime to give you another transit option for those who use the app to navigate their way around.
It means that in 13 cities around the world — 11 of them in the U. S. — you’ll be able to see the location of nearby Lime scooters, pedal bikes, and electric bikes right in Google Maps.
To get started, navigate to your destination in Google Maps and then tap on the transit icon to see your nearby options.
If a Lime bike or scooter is available, the app will tell you everything you need to know, including how long it’ll take to walk to it, the estimated cost of the ride, your total journey time, and approximate time of arrival.

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