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Here's the first 5G smartphone and, no, you can't buy it


This is the fastest phone around, and we get our first glimpse of it. But it’s a phone you won’t be able to buy in 2019.
5G is becoming more than a buzzword as we look to 2019, with the first 5G smartphone being unveiled at a conference today in Hawaii. There’s one problem: you won’t be able to buy this device today – or ever.
It’s a Qualcomm reference handset, meaning it’s simply here to provide a roadmap for companies to use Qualcomm’s technology in their own devices down the line. The good news is that we’ll see the first 5G capable phones in early 2019, according to Qualcomm at its Snapdragon Summit.
Samsung and OnePlus, among others, are expected to launch 5G phones, with carriers like AT&T, Verizon, EE and others around the world supporting the faster technology.
The rollout of 5G has been a long and tech-language-laden process that’s anything but user friendly. Over the last three years, it’s almost as if phone companies have been playing a game of ‚How many buzzwords can I stuff in our 5G presentation?‘
If you made a drinking game out of their use of fluffy buzzwords, you’d be drunk.

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