Got a Surface Book 2 on 1803? You should probably uninstall last week’s update
Users of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, rejoice! Microsoft has slung out a hefty patch to, er, fix a whole bunch of stuff that was broken in the Update of the Damned.
Released last night, KB4469342 is packed full of updates, with two notable changes lurking at the end of the list of tweaks. The failure of mapped drives to reconnect after starting and logging into a Windows device – which was a showstopper for many enterprises and consumers with home servers – has been fixed, as has the mysterious issue that prevented Win32 program defaults being set for certain file and app combinations.
The other items in the long, long list of fixes include sorting out the brightness slider for the screen resetting to 50 per cent on restart, dealing with Bluetooth headsets dropping audio input after a few minutes and sorting borked display settings on a multi-monitor configuration for some users.

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