The second generation Vivo Nex gets rid of the motorised pop-up camera and adopts two screens for getting rid of the notch.
Vivo has been trying to push boundaries for innovation in the smartphone segment for a while with the Apex concept shown last year and the commercially available Nex for this year. Now, Vivo has unveiled the second generation of the handset with a big twist -using two displays to achieve a perfect no-notch fullscreen display. Vivo is calling the phone Nex Dual Display Edition.
The Nex Dual Display Edition is using the same concept that Nubia recently used on their flagship — use two displays to get rid of the front camera. The Nex Dual Display Edition has a 6.4-inch fullscreen AMOLED display at the front that renders pictures at a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels, while the secondary display at the rear has a Full HD 5.

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