Gearbox is suing a former lawyer who in turn files a lawsuit against CEO Randy Pitchford, with serious allegations that he took $12 million in advances and more.
When gamers think of Gearbox Software, they think of Borderlands. Sadly, over the past couple of months, this isn’t why the company has made headlines, with in-house drama surrounding the company’s CEO Randy Pitchford taking the fore instead. Previously, it was revealed that Pitchford’s assistant had stolen millions from him, but now, a new, uglier drama has reared its head.
It began a few months ago with a lawsuit filed against Wade Callendar, a former lawyer at Gearbox Software from 2011-2018. Gearbox was suing him for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, stating that Callendar had borrowed money from the American video game development company for loan and tuition fees that went unpaid, as well as abusing credit card access to purchase family vacations, gun club memberships, and firearm accessories, among other related accusations.
A month after Gearbox filed its suit against Callendar, he filed a lawsuit against Pitchford, alleging that the Gearbox CEO struck a deal in 2016 to receive a secret “Executive Bonus” of $12 million to be routed through Pitchford Entertainment Media Magic LLC.

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