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Verizon releases Galaxy S10 5G with 20 cities of hype for only 2 cities


Fewer than 1% of U. S. citizens will be able to use the Galaxy S10 5G’s signature feature as it launches on Verizon’s network. But the marketing continues.
My hat’s off to Verizon this morning for the bold marketing campaign behind Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G, and more generally, its nascent 5G network. Take a moment to visit the company’s 5G mini-site today, which happens to be the S10 5G’s U. S. launch day, and you’ll experience a wonderfully clean graphic design that works as well on a smartphone screen as on the side of a building, tons of inspirational 5G content, and discounts so aggressive that you might want to sign up for service right away.
There’s only one problem. As of today, Verizon’s mobile 5G network remains so tiny that over 99% of U. S. citizens won’t be able to use the new phone’s signature feature, 5G, where they live and work. The carrier has promised 20 additional 5G cities this year, but none went online in time for the S10 5G’s launch.
So those who sign up for Verizon mobile 5G service will only be able to use it today in two cities — Chicago and Minneapolis — and small parts of those cities, at that. This means that for all the hype, including Verizon’s 5G stage time at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event in February, this phone isn’t even being marketed to America’s most well-heeled “1%” — at least, as measured by population.

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