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Will We See Dragon Age 4 at E3 2019?


With the hype building for E3 2019, Game Rant takes a look at whether or not fans of Dragon Age 4 should expect the fantasy franchise to appear and in what capacity.
With Anthem out in the wild, the attention of developer BioWare has shifted to Dragon Age 4. Although the studio is dedicated to continuing support for Anthem, lead producer Mike Gamble and executive producer Mark Darrah have recently shifted to the next installment in the fan-favorite Dragon Age franchise. The lingering question, then, becomes, “will we see Dragon Age 4 at E3 2019?” It’s worth mentioning that everything in this article is based on heavy SPECULATION, so until BioWare or Electronic Arts issue an official statement, take this with a grain of salt.
First off, Dragon Age 4 publisher EA will not technically be at E3 2019, instead opting to host its own EA Play event on June 7-9.

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