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Google just banned an Indian app that helps remove Chinese apps from your phone


Remove China Apps, a popular app made in India was just pulled from the Google Play Store for violating Google’s Deceptive Behavior Policy. The move is the latest episode in the escalating China vs. India conflict that included skirmishes at the Himalayan border a few weeks ago.
The bizarreness of 2020 continues with a new episode in the ongoing China vs. India conflict that’s been exacerbated but the novel coronavirus pandemic. The two nations found themselves at odds again in the heights of Himalaya in early May, where soldiers on both sides fought each other using rocks and wooden clubs as weapons. No shots were fired, but there were injuries on both sides, just as more troops were brought in to reinforce the mountainous border that’s seen numerous similar fights in the past years. Tensions escalated against the backdrop of COVID-19 and might worsen. The battle isn’t only fought with clubs in the Himalayans. Indian and Chinese smartphone users and app makers have been having a fight of their own in recent weeks, including the TikTok protest and, more recently, the Remove China Apps (RCA) controversy. Google was forced to act in both accounts, removing negative reviews for TikTok a few days ago. Now, Google pulled the RCA app from Google Play for violating its Deceptive Behavior Policy.

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