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Joe Biden Will Be Skipping Wisconsin — Just Like Hillary


Like Hillary’s mistake in passing over the state in the 2016 presidential race, the Biden campaign’s recent decision to skip Wisconsin could haunt him.
Democrat National Convention officials announced Wednesday that Joe Biden has decided to skip out on the Milwaukee convention next week due to the Wuhan coronavirus. Instead, Biden will accept his party’s nomination in his home state of Delaware. In a statement, DNC chair, Tom Perez, affirmed: Wisconsin is a key battleground state in the upcoming 2020 election, with the most recent polling showing it is a toss-up. In 2016,Hillary Clinton lost in Wisconsin by less than one point (46.5 to 47.2%). While Hillary never visited Wisconsin during her campaign, candidate Trump visited six times. In the final weeks of the election, Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, known for his sharp political instincts, warned his wife and her campaign manager, Robbie Mook, that she needed to spend more time in the rust belt, particularly Wisconsin. Mook cited polling data showing Wisconsin safe by as much as nine points, and the fateful decision was made.

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