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‘Snyder Cut’ Trailer Teases A Second Chance For An Epic ‘Justice League’


It looks like essentially a (much longer) version of the same film, but presumably closer in tone to ‚Excalibur‘ than ‚Sword in the Stone.‘
And now the other big event of the DC Fandome (although that Suicide Squad cast roll-call was fun), we’ve got a 150-second teaser for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. And, come what may, the footage we get kinda-sorta looks like the same movie. Yes, it looks visually denser and with a pompous grandiosity that frankly I was hoping for in the first place. But in terms of the actual footage, it feels like shots and scenes that are either A) variations/alternate takes of stuff that occurs in the theatrical version or B) bits and pieces that match up with deleted footage from the film’s marketing campaign. With the obvious caveat that this film may end up being four hours long, I’m curious as to what extent this will be a “whole new movie” versus a different version of an existing movie. That so much of the “new” footage (bits of Victor Stone in civilian life, Bruce staring at a hologram of Superman, Iris West being saved from fiery death by Wally West, Wonder Woman socializing with a girl from the opening action scene, etc.) seem like extensions or replications of material we saw in the first few trailers is understandable. That footage which was used to sell Justice League back in July of 2016 when it was still entirely the Zack Snyder show and later in early 2017 before Joss Whedon officially took over. Since Snyder isn’t actually reshooting anything (as of this moment), this will still be made up of the footage that existed prior to the director swap. Much of the new stuff in this teaser feels like alternate “more serious” takes of the movie we saw back in 2017. Again, that’s not a criticism, merely a curiosity as the Whedon cut was missing a little bit of apocalypse… and I don’t just mean an absent Darkseid.

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