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Xbox Series X games will have touch controls on Project xCloud


Microsoft showed off what Xbox One and Xbox Series X games will look like running on Project xCloud with touch controls designed for mobile devices.
Microsoft and Sony are approaching this console generation from two completely different directions. While Sony is focusing all of its energy on the PS5, Microsoft wants you to play Xbox games on every device you own, even if you don’t upgrade to Xbox Series X. One of the pillars of this strategy will be the Project xCloud game streaming service, and on Tuesday, Microsoft confirmed that xCloud will launch on Android phones and tablets on September 15th for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. Over 100 games will be playable, including Gears 5 and Destiny 2. In a video shared on Tuesday, Microsoft details the necessities for using the service: An active subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, an Android device, the Xbox Game Pass mobile app, high-speed LTE or Wi-Fi connection, and a compatible Xbox controller. But for some games, the last one will actually be optional. As spotted by The Verge, a recent Microsoft Game Stack stream gave us our first look at touch controls being used on Project xCloud games.

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