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This Hong Kong Startup Made The World’s Smallest Mouse


A Hong Kong startup made a coin-sized mouse.
The term “digital nomad,” which describes working professionals whose job allows them the freedom to work anywhere instead of a set office location, has been around for close to a decade now. But with the current pandemic making working from home/working remotely the new normal for many, the group is likely set to grow. As a freelance writer, I have technically been a digital nomad for five years, during which I have worked at probably over 1,000 coffee shops around the world. So for someone like me, portability of our work machine is paramount. A large laptop with an external monitor is, of course, the ideal setup for me when I have the space and time to prepare. But often I have last minute work—a document to proofread; breaking news that needs reporting—that require me to just get to work on my phone.

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