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Nasty Apple bug reportedly killing FaceTime on iPhones


Possibly affecting people on T-Mobile and Verizon networks, the main solution is to get a new SIM card
A nasty bug has been going around affecting iPhone users that can cause the iMessage and FaceTime apps to randomly deactivate with no way to turn them back on. The news comes from various Twitter users including prominent Apple leaker and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, all of whom detailed their experience with this bug. So far, this problem is limited to users on the T-Mobile and Verizon networks. That may seem like good news at first if the problem is limited to just two networks. However, Verizon and T-Mobile have the widest service networks in the United States, and with over 113 million iPhone users in the U.S., this could be a major problem. The problem is specifically affecting the eSIM chip, according to 9 To 5 Mac.

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