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4 takeaways from the first climate bill passed by the Senate


The largest single investment from the U.S. government toward tackling climate change is now on its way to the House of Representatives.  
During a long, late-night vote on Sunday, Senate Democrats passed The Inflation Reduction Act, a 755-page-long package that included sweeping tax, health care and climate change legislation.  
After close to 20 hours of debate, Vice President Kamala Harris cast a tiebreaking vote sending the package to the House.   
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During a press conference after the bill’s passage, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said the body passed the most “significant” bill to fight climate change.  
“It’s going to make a difference to my grandkids. The world will be a better place for grandchildren because of what we did today. And that makes me feel very, very good. Very, very good,” Schumer said.
Here are four takeaways on how the bill aims to address climate change: 
This is the single largest investment in reducing emissions in U.

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