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Hands On With Microsoft's ChatGPT-Powered Bing: A New Kind of Search


No need to type in keywords to produce a relevant search. Microsoft’s new Bing excels when you give it a task, whether that’s planning a trip, summarizing a topic, or writing an article.
Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing might be the death of traditional search results. 
On Tuesday, the company debuted the new Bing, which taps into OpenAI’s ChatGPT to reinvent how online search is done. 
We had a chance to try the new Bing at Microsoft’s offices in Redmond, where we asked the program to answer a variety of questions. Our main takeaway: Bing takes the search experience further by synthesizing the numerous results from a normal search engine and reproducing them in an easy-to-understand format. The new Bing offering us an analysis on whether to buy Tesla stock.
For example, if you wanted to create an itinerary for a trip to a foreign city or a meal plan to lose weight, you’d normally use a search engine to turn up relevant articles on the topic. Then you’d read the articles to come up with the itinerary or the meal plan. The new Bing, on the other hand, can read all the relevant articles for you and then churn out an easy-to-read, bulleted article in seconds, all the while citing the sources. 
You can apply the same capability to a densely packed news article. The new Bing can break down the content into several main points; just ask for a summary. In addition, the answers can usually suggest follow-up prompts, like „how can I make a reservation for the restaurant?“ or „how much does the laptop cost?“ making it easy to extract even more information from Bing.

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