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Pokemon GO: When And How To Evolve Your Shiny Eevee


Pokemon GO players who are deciding how and when to evolve their shiny versions of Eevee after Community Day should consult this guide before making a decision.
Pokemon GO players around the world spent the last two days collecting thousands of Eevees during the Community Day weekend event. During that time, many players likely picked up a handful of shiny Eevees, as well. Deciding when and how to evolve those is a big decision right now for lots of trainers.
Because Eevee’s evolution is random by default in Pokemon GO, players need to be careful if they have a limited number of shinies and are chasing down a particular shiny evolution. With that in mind, here are some tips for each of the different possible scenarios…
If only we knew shiny Eevee was on the way back during the first summer of Pokemon GO… Players discovered very early into the game that the Gen 1 Eevee evolutions could be controlled by renaming Eevee to…
Unfortunately, this trick only works once per account. That means that players who used it already can not take advantage of it again for our shiny Eevee. If players want a shiny version of Flareon, Vaporeon, or Jolteon and have already used the name trick; unfortunately it’s down to luck of the draw.
There’s always the chance that new evolution items will be released into the game eventually, so players who aren’t feeling luck could choose to hold onto a few extra shiny Eevees and wait it out.
Similar to the Gen 1 evolutions, Espeon and Umbreon also have a name trick that only works once:
Unlike the Gen 1 evolutions though, there is a second way to trigger these specific evolutions that can be repeated. Players are able to control these evolutions by making Eevee their buddy, walking it for 10km (earning 2 candy), and then evolving it either during the day for Espeon or during the night for Umbreon.
Remember, the evolution has to happen with Eevee is still your buddy. This part is crucial and players very often forget about it.
Player with a few shiny Eevee to spare should definitely set a few aside to evolve into the Gen 4 Evolutions. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it seems highly likely that the Gen 4 evolutions will also have the one-time use name change trick. Wait until after they are added to the game and the community has determined whether the name change trick works or not.
Although it’s not very powerful, the shiny version of Eevee looks great! We highly recommend saving one shiny to keep as an Eevee for showing off in Gyms.
Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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