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How to Access and Manage Your Apple Account


You can view, change, and control all the features and settings associated with your Apple ID from i
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Do you use an iPhone, iPad, Mac, iTunes, iCloud, or other Apple product? If so, you should already have an Apple account with your contact information, security options, payment options, purchases, and more.
But maybe you need to change some piece of data, such as your address or payment options. Perhaps you just want to review all that information to see what Apple has stored about you. After you see what data is being tracked, you may then want to delete it from your account, or at least download an app to keep it all secure.
The key to all of these tasks lies in accessing your Apple account. You can view, manage, and modify your account from your iOS device, from iTunes, from a Mac, or from your Apple ID web page. Let’s check it out.
Open Settings on your iPad or iPhone. Tap your name at the top of the screen. To view or change your contact information, tap the entry for Name, Phone Numbers, Email. You’ll be asked to enter your iCloud password, and can then change your name by tapping on it.
In the « Reachable at » section, tap Edit on the top right to change your existing email address (aka, your Apple ID) or phone number or to add new ones. Tap Done to save the changes.
Next, you can change your birthday if the existing date is incorrect or you want to fudge it for some reason.

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