Pokémon Go Trainer Battles are live for players at level 10 and higher
Pokémon Go Trainer Battles are live, which means that players can engage in direct player-to-player duels for the first time.
Niantic said today that players can now fight in player-vs.-player Trainer Battles at levels 10 and up in Pokémon Go. The new feature comes two-and-a-half years after the debut of the location-based game, which has generated more than $2 billion in revenues and reached more than 800 million players, at last count. Niantic had to bring other features, like friends
While Trainers (players) have been able to participate competitively in Gym battles and cooperatively in Raid Battles thus far, now they can go head to head in battles where three of their creatures square off against three from the other player’s collection.
“When it comes to creating a fun and engaging Trainer Battle experience, we had to strike a careful balance,” Niantic said in a blog post .

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