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China condemns US 'arrogance' after Tiananmen anniversary remarks


Chinese embassy in US expresses ‘strong dissatisfaction’ after Washington urges Beijing to free political prisoners.
China has voiced its « strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition » towards comments by the United States on the 30th anniversary of the Chinese government’s violent response to student-led protests in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.
In a statement on Monday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Beijing to mark the June 4 anniversary by providing a full account of the bloody crackdown and releasing all prisoners jailed for fighting human rights abuses.
His comments elicited a strong response on Tuesday by the Chinese embassy in the US, which said in a statement that Pompeo’s remarks were made « out of prejudice and arrogance » and grossly interfered with China’s internal affairs.
It added that the Chinese government and people reached a verdict long ago on what it called « the political incident of the late 1980s », and that China’s « rapid » economic development and « continuous progress in democracy and the rule of law » showed it was following the right path.

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