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New Report Says China’s Military Could Dominate by 2049


The Chinese military has a plan to catch up and eventually overtake the U. S. military.
Chinese leaders have laid out a plan for deploying the world’s best-armed forces no later than 2049. If the United States is to prevent China from becoming the world’s leading military power, it needs a plan of its own.
That’s the sobering warning in a new report for the Center for a New American Security by former deputy defense secretary Robert Work and co-author Greg Grant.
Chinese leaders’ resolve hardened in 1991 as they watched the U. S.-led coalition pummel Iraqi forces with seemingly ceaseless barrages of precision-guided munitions.
« A key lesson China took from the 1991 Desert Storm campaign was to strike hard and fast during war’s earliest stages, as initiative once lost would be all but impossible to regain against an opponent capable of 24-hour, all-weather guided-munitions bombardment, » Work and Grant wrote.
By the mid-1990s the senior leadership of the People’s Liberation Army realized « they were engaged in a long-term military-technical competition with the United States, and their strategic aims would necessarily be achieved through a series of distinct temporal phases. »
Phase one would see the Chinese military compete with the United States from a position of technological inferiority.

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