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We have bad news about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 launch


The Galaxy Fold 2 release date has reportedly been delayed to September or October, as Samsung is dealing with development delays. The Z Fold 2 might not even be unveiled during the Galaxy Note 20 launch event that Samsung scheduled for August 5th.
The Galaxy Fold line seems cursed at this point, as the second-gen model is also expected to see some significant delays. But this time around, it might not be as bad as with the original Samsung foldable handset. The Galaxy Fold was partially unveiled in late 2018 when the Korean giant introduced the new screen type and user interface for foldable handsets. The Galaxy Fold was unveiled in full in mid-February 2019, and it should have been launched in late April. Reviewers who got early access to the foldable found that the screen was incredibly fragile and could be destroyed with ease. Two problems were identified, and Samsung had to redesign the display to prevent debris from getting inside the handset and avoid having users attempt to remove the outer layer of the screen that looked a lot like a disposable screen protector back in April. Samsung launched the Fold in late September last year, and the Galaxy Fold 2 is now rumored to arrive in September or October.

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