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After a month, Google’s Pixel 6 Pro has usurped the iPhone 13 Pro as my go-to camera


I’ve been using the Google Pixel 6 Pro for around a month alongside the iPhone 13 Pro, and the Pixel has proven to be a software and a camera winner.
I’ve spent several weeks with the Google Pixel 6 Pro now, and even more time with the Apple iPhone 13 Pro, two of the very best new smartphones you can buy at the moment. The iPhone has always been my default smartphone for photography when I’m not reviewing a new device, but I don’t think the iPhone 13 Pro is Apple’s best, and spending more time with the Pixel 6 Pro has only reinforced that opinion. The iPhone 13 Pro’s camera is very good, but the Pixel 6 Pro’s camera is better, and I do think the iPhone 12 Pro’s camera was better too. It was the iPhone 12 Pro’s camera that made me reach for the iPhone when I wanted a brilliant photo in almost any situation, but now having had the Pixel 6 Pro in my pocket and seeing just what it can do (and what the iPhone 13 Pro can’t) Google’s top smartphone has become my choice. Here’s a wide-angle photo to illustrate my point. The first is shot on the iPhone 13 Pro and it isn’t great. The sky is blown out, the grass is dreary and cold, and the distortion makes the house in the background an homage to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I wouldn’t think about sharing the picture on social media, at least not without trying to improve the way it looks with a filter or editing. The second shot above was taken with the Google Pixel 6 Pro just a few seconds after the iPhone 13 Pro’s photo. The sky has been balanced far more attractively, the grass is green and warm, the house isn’t quite so angled, and the general tone and feeling is of a fall day, while the iPhone 13 Pro’s photo is of a harsh winter’s day. The iPhone 13 Pro’s wider-angle camera is obvious, though. Forced to share one without editing, it would be the Pixel 6 Pro’s photo, and it was more representative of real life too. I don’t want this to turn into a Pixel 6 Pro vs. iPhone 13 Pro camera story, but I will say that the iPhone 13 Pro does beat the Pixel 6 Pro in some areas. In particular, if the subject is up close, the iPhone wipes the floor with the Pixel 6 Pro.

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