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Overturning Roe V. Wade: Here’s How Abortion Bans Will Hurt State Economies And The GDP


Abortion restrictions already cost state economies more than $100 billion annually—and that impact is now expected to go up “exponentially.”
The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade Friday, a monumental ruling for reproductive rights that’s also expected to broadly impact the economy, as a study from the International Women’s Policy Center found state economies already lose billions due to abortion restrictions—an issue that’s likely to now grow “exponentially.”
“When you think about women having access to reproductive healthcare services, including abortion, you have to understand that it is good for women workers… and good for the economy overall,” Mason told Forbes. “The numbers don’t lie.”
$1,610. That’s how much higher the salaries of individual women ages 15 to 44 would be if all abortion restrictions were eliminated, the IWPR study found based on 2020 data. The study projects that in the absence of all state-level abortion restrictions, 505,000 more women would enter the labor force—earning approximately $3 billion per year—and women ages 15-44 who are already employed would collectively earn $101.8 billion more annually. The IWPR study found states’ economic losses extend even to ones that broadly protect abortion access: California and New York faced $5.1 and $4.2 billion in annual losses, for instance, though neither would see significant increases in their GDP or labor force participation if restrictions were eliminated. Anti-abortion advocates have opposed economic arguments that favor broad access to abortion. Abortion opponents believe any economic downsides pale in comparison to the moral benefits of outlawing abortion and protecting fetuses, and Sen.

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