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Republicans Call Abortion Rights Protest a Capitol 'Insurrection'


Arizona Senate Democrats accused Republicans of « weaponizing this moment to deflect from the actions of January 6th. »
Protests outside the Arizona Capitol that ended after troopers deployed tear gas were described as a thwarted insurrection by the state’s Senate Republicans, while their Democrat counterparts maintained that the majority of protesters were peaceful. Thousands gathered outside the state Capitol in Phoenix on Friday evening after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, ending constitutional protections for abortion in a bombshell decision that is expected to lead to the procedure being banned in about half the states. Republican Senate President Karen Fann later issued a press release praising law enforcement for stopping « violent pro-abortion protestors attempts of an insurrection » as lawmakers were working to complete their 2022 session. There were no arrests. Some protesters called out the actions of law enforcement, saying they had acted without any prior warning. Arizona Department of Public Safety said a peaceful protest that involved up to 8,000 people rallying outside the Capitol building « evolved into anarchical and criminal actions by masses of splinter groups. »
In a statement, the DPS and that some protesters attempted to breach the building when they realized the state legislature was in session.
« The violence of their efforts literally shook the building and terrified citizens and lawmakers who occupied the building », the statement added. « As the glass doors bowed from attempts of forced entry, the occupants of the building were instructed to move to secure locations. »
According to The Arizona Republic, protesters scattered when troopers fire tear gas from the second story of the Capitol building at about 8:30 p.

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