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The Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for 2022


You don’t need a cable to enjoy quality game audio and voice chat. Break free from wired connections with the top wireless gaming headsets we’ve tested.
Gaming headsets are headphones with various features specifically for gaming, like built-in boom microphones, simulated surround sound mixing, and connectivity with game consoles and PCs. There are countless gaming headsets, many of which require a wire connected to your computer or game console controller. Wireless gaming headsets, on the other hand, let you cut the cord and enjoy two-way audio that’s unfettered by wires. They tend to cost more than their wired equivalents, but the convenience is worth it. We’ve gathered the top models we’ve tested here, along with advice on what to look for when shopping for a wireless gaming headset. Which Wireless Headsets Are Compatible With PlayStation and Xbox? Compatibility is the most important aspect of buying a gaming headset, especially if you’re a console gamer. Headsets with 3.5mm connectors work with pretty much anything, but wireless headsets generally use USB transmitters that require compatibility with your system of choice.

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