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Tucker Carlson Called 'Alleged American' by Newsmax Host Over Russia Stance


Newsmax’s Eric Bolling said, « That is Russian state media using Tucker Carlson, alleged American, as propaganda to make their case that Russia is the victim. »
Newsmax’s Eric Bolling criticized Tucker Carlson in response to Russian state media using clips from the Fox News host’s show that allegedly show support of Russia’s war on Ukraine.
Speaking on his show on Monday, Bolling called Carlson an « alleged American » and said he was cautious of any actions that could lead to World War III or nuclear war.
The Newsmax report also made reference to the Newsweek article that was released on Sunday that highlighted Russian state TV’s use of Carlson clips in their shows.
Russia has tried to galvanize citizens into supporting the conflict in Ukraine as the country has faced further resistance from its citizens following an announcement by President Vladimir Putin.
On Wednesday, in a pre-recorded speech, Putin said there would be a « partial mobilization » against Ukraine and that more Russians would be sent to the country.
« I am very worried about a world war, a nuclear World War III where nobody wins, » Bolling said on his show.
« So when I see a fellow conservative making statement that could incite a world war, a nuclear war, I have to call him out.

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