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Iran-backed groups launch missile strikes at U.S. base in Syria


Iranian-backed proxies launched a barrage of rockets at a base in northeast Syria where U.S. forces are based as part of their mission to defeat the Islamic State terror network. The attack occurred shortly after 8 a.m. Friday, local time, and targeted coalition forces at Green Village, officials said.
Defense Department officials said at least 10 rockets were fired at the base. It was the second such attack on U.S. personnel within the past 24 hours and believed to have come from groups loyal to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. 
“The attack resulted in no injuries and no damage to equipment or facilities,” Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder told reporters at the Pentagon.
One of the rockets missed Green Village by about three miles but struck someone’s home. It caused significant damage to the house along with minor injuries to two women and two children, officials with U.S. Central Command said.
“This kind of indiscriminate rocket attack places not only our forces and coalition forces at risk but also jeopardizes the local civilian population, as well as the security and stability of Syria and the entire region,” Colonel Joe Buccino, a Central Command spokesman, said.

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