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Spider-Verse’s wheelchair-using hero started out as a fan-art ‘spidersona’


Across the Spider-Verse’s Sun-Spider was a ‘spidersona’ created by a fan, brought into Marvel Comics, then added to the movie. Here’s how that happened.
There’s a new Spider-Verse in town, and the thing we’re most excited to see is the resurgence of the “spidersona” — the joyful explosion of art as fans and artists show off how they’d like to look if they were a part of the Spider-Verse. We’ve got goo spiders, and dewspiders, and spiders with cool spooky fingers, and man-spiders, and… hm. This one is a pelican? I love that for them.
But the biggest fan-art spidersona out there is undoubtedly Sun-Spider — because she actually made it into Across the Spider-Verse.
[Ed. note: This piece contains spoilers for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.]
If you’ve seen Across the Spider-Verse, then you know — when Miles is fleeing from an entire multiverse of spider-persons, the group includes a wheelchair-using spider who clocks Miles with one of her crutches.

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