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Trump Asks If Chris Christie Has a 'Psychological Problem With Size'


The ex-president’s comment arrived after the former New Jersey governor announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election.
Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have a « psychological problem » regarding « size, » according to ex-President Donald Trump.
Christie, a former Trump ally who became one of his staunchest Republican critics following the 2020 election, formally announced that he would be challenging Trump for the 2024 GOP nomination during a town hall event in New Hampshire on Tuesday night.
The former governor argued that the U.S. was « getting smaller in every way » due to increasingly sharp political divisions during his announcement speech, arguing that the former president had made the country « smaller by dividing us. » He also accused Trump of being « obsessed with the mirror. »
Trump reacted to Christie’s speech in a Truth Social post a short time later, mocking the ex-governor’s repeated use of the word « small » and implying that he may have serious issues with « size.

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