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Microsoft launches privacy dashboard, offers you "more control over your data" in Windows 10


NewsHubEver since Microsoft launched Windows 10, concerns have been raised over the company’s approach to how it collects and stores users’ data from the OS. Microsoft is now attempting to address some of those privacy concerns with new measures aimed at offering users «more control over your data».
It’s approaching these concerns with new efforts on two fronts. The first is being introduced today, as the company’s Terry Myerson explained : «Today, we’re taking a step forward in supporting our privacy principle of transparency with the introduction of a new Microsoft privacy dashboard on the web that lets you easily see and manage your activity data. »
The new privacy dashboard allows users to review and delete their browsing history and associated data, including search history, location activity and Cortana’s Notebook. Microsoft says that it will «continue to add more functionality and categories of data over time».
Its second wave of efforts will come as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update, which is due to be released in April. Previews of the Creators Update are already being tested by those on the Windows Insider Program.
The update will include a new setup experience to help users choose the appropriate level of data that they’re comfortable sharing with Microsoft.

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