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SIGGRAPH 2017 Must View 3-Minute Trailer


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This year’s SIGGRAPH 2017 preview video is well worth the three minutes it takes to watch.
If you don’t know about SIGGRAPH you are missing the fun. This is the place that researchers into graphics most want to present their results. To quote from its own page:
«The 44th SIGGRAPH Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques: five days of research breakthroughs, alternative realities, advanced training, digital-media extravaganzas, human-computer interaction, creative collaboration, and tomorrow’s technologies. «
As well as a research conference there are lots of educational events, experiences including a VR Village, art gallery and hands on labs. But for those of us who can’t make it to Los Angeles 30th July to 3 August then the preview video and videos of the sessions when they happen have to stand in and this year’s preview video is well worth your attention even if you are not a graphics programmer.
Can you really risk missing the near and far field hamster?
I don’t know about you but I want the voice editor that lets you type in your corrections — so much better than a splicing block and tape. The vortex field around the humming bird was good, but not much information on how it was done. If you want to know some more then watch the following video — and even if you don’t you need to see the smoke bunny at 1: 19:
The human movement synthesis was also impressive. It is worth knowing that the Computer Animation Festival is also held at SIGGRAPH.
Here is a short video showing the sorts of things you can see:
I think the image that will haunt me until next year’s SIGGRAPH is the wide eyed uncanny valley stare of the woman in the hair simulation. The hair is brilliant, but you need to work on the eyes guys.
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