The Season 6 Week 7 Battle Pass Challenges are live in Epic Games’ free-to-play multiplayer title, Fortnite: Battle Royale, and here’s how to complete them all.
With Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Halloween-themed event, Fortnitemares 2018, having wrapped up recently, Epic Games is marching on with fresh content for the wildly successful free-to-play title with yet another week of fresh Battle Pass Challenges. This time around, the tasks provided for Season 6 Week 7 should prove to be somewhat simple for players to pull off, as each of them are relatively straightforward.
As usual, there are three Free Challenges and four Battle Pass Challenges for Fortnite fans to complete, with the difficulty level for each slightly varying from one another. And rather than take the experimental route with these tasks like with last week’s introduction of sheet music and piano locations, Season 6 Week 7’s challenges are definitely conventional by comparison. So, without further ado, here’s how to complete Season 6 Week 7’s challenges.
As indicated by this Fortnite challenge’s description, there’s really no thinking required here. Simply find seven different ammo boxes in the course of a single match and search them. They’re everywhere.
For some, getting headshot damage will likely prove to be a little bit more difficult than searching ammo boxes. Should this be the case, drop into some of Fortnite‘s more populated areas–Tilted Towers or Leaky Lake should do just fine–find a weapon as soon as possible, and make this task one’s main focus until it’s complete.
Those with poor aim shouldn’t worry too much about knocking it out in one go, though. Plugging away at the challenge over the course of a few matches ought to do the trick.
Similar to the headshot damage challenge above, this one will require focus and persistence, especially since it has to be done in a single match. For the best shot at encountering enough opponents to finish this task speedily, head to high traffic areas on Fortnite‘s map, find a weapon, and get to it.
This task looks self-explanatory at first, but there will be three stages to this after destroying 50 trees. The best way to get it done fast would be to head to Wailing Woods or Dusty Divot at the beginning of a match and start felling trees with the pickaxe.
After that, players will then be tasked with destroying 25 rocks, followed by 10 cars. These are scattered around the map in healthy quantities, so they shouldn’t be too hard to find.
Fortnite players ought to find floating rings all over the map, as they’re pretty hard to miss. Of course, even if one doesn’t skydive through 20 in a single round, just jump into the next match and keep at it.
This isn’t the first time that apples have popped up as a weekly challenge. This time, though, they are a part of a progressive set of tasks.
First off, find some apples to consume, and eat five of them. Then, one will be charged with healing for 60 HP with Bandages, 100 HP with Medkits, and 50 HP with Slurp Juice, which will likely require a lot of looting on behalf of players.
Since being in Pleasant Park is required to complete this challenge, expect loads of players to be populating the area during Season 6 Week 7. With this being the case, there ought to be plenty of targets for one to take aim at upon arrival.
Fortnite is available now for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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