Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming, and you’ll need to either get a Switch to play it on or a bundle of games to pair with it.
This bundle appears to be the bundle of choice for most retailers, and you can find it at Target, Walmart and Best Buy, all of which will have the bundle available during Black Friday.
The well-received JRPG sequel will see a rare discount during Black Friday at Walmart.
The Switch version of the Wii U’s best action game is $20 off at Best Buy.
When we got our hands on it, we discovered that Starlink was surprisingly the best Star Fox game in years, and it’s $35 off as a doorbuster at Target.
Want to have an incredible time with your friends while also hating your friends? The new sequel to the beloved Overcooked is $10 off at Best Buy.
If you’re looking to combine your love of Fire Emblem characters with the destruction of countless nameless enemies, Warriors is $25 off at Best Buy.
It’s not every day first-party Nintendo titles have solid discounts, but Walmart will have ARMS for $35 on Black Friday.
Monster hunters who aren’t already too deep into Monster Hunter World can opt for the Switch’s Monster Hunter for $35 at Target.
In case you’re one of the five people left without a copy of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the capable Switch port is available for $35 at Walmart.
Target’s sale on cases and controllers comes with a big caveat. Wireless Switch controllers aren’t included in the deal.
Arguably the best multiplayer game for the all-ages crowd, Rocket League is $20 off at Best Buy.
Mario + Rabbits Kingdom Battle, Nickelodeon Kart Racers, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Just Dance 2019 will all be available for $25 on Black Friday.
The collection of all of the X games, which range from excellent to awful, is available on Switch in a combined package for $15 off at Best Buy.
And the original Legacy collection, which packages the older numbered Mega Man series, will set you back just $15 as well.
Sensing a theme for Walmart’s discounts? Kirby’s latest adventure will be available for $35 as well.
The solid port of the PS4 and Xbox One Dragon Ball fighter is half price at $30 at Best Buy.

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