Vine app’s fans can finally rejoice. The six-second looping app’s creator Dom Hofman tweeted that his next app called Byte will launch in Spring of 2019.
After months of waiting, Vine app’s fans can finally rejoice. Dom Hofmann, the founder of the now-defunct video-sharing app, has revealed his next app called Byte will launch in Spring of 2019.
Hofmann also confirmed that, similarly to Vine, Byte will also be a video-looping app. He even went as far as calling it version 2 of Vine.
Hofmann created Vine in 2012 and Twitter acquired it the same year. By 2013, the platform took off and had nearly 200 million active users in 2015. It gave a platform to future social media sensations like King Bach, Lele Pons, and the controversial Logan Paul.
In 2016, Twitter announced that it’ll be shutting down Vine. Last November, Hofmann said that he is working on a successor of Vine.
There are not many details out there about Vine’s successor at the moment. But it’ll be interesting to see if Byte can be as popular as Vine and give a platform to social media stars.
You can visit Byte’s website and sign up for all the updates.
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